Welcome to the Clean Power Coalition of Southeast Wisconsin!

We are working to ensure that our local electric utility does not sacrifice human health for the sake of financial cost.

We know electricity can be produced without consuming Earth. Renewable power costs less with no fuel to purchase. Advancing to clean, renewable power will eliminate a long list of harmful consequences to our health.

We invite you to join us! Explore our website to learn more.

Water Test Results

The Clean Power Coalition has publicly released the test results of water sampling it conducted throughout 2018 from surface waters  in the vicinity of We Energies’ Oak Creek plants. Based on results showing concerning levels of a number of toxic pollutants, CPC leaders are calling on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to conduct further sampling to determine if coal ash contamination has spread beyond the facility.  

PurpleAir Monitors are here!

The Clean Power Coalition recently raised about $2000 to purchase PurpleAir monitors to be installed in the vicinity of the We Energies power plant. We are excited to utilize independent monitors to collect data on particulate matter in the Oak Creek area; we will be able to determine if We Energies is properly controlling levels of coal dust in the community. To learn more, visit our page detailing the new air monitors!

Click here to see the PurpleAir map.