Elizabeth Scrafford

25 August, 2020

In our fight for the health and safety of Southeast Wisconsin’s residents, justice and equity are, and must continue to be, centered in our work as the Clean Power Coalition. Environmental and racial justice work are one and the same, and we stand in solidarity with those calling for justice for Jacob Blake. 

Mr. Blake was shot multiple times in front of his children — none of them were treated with the dignity and respect each human being deserves. Instead of fighting for survival, he should be at home caring for his family in the midst of an already difficult pandemic. 

Black lives matter and must be honored in Southeast Wisconsin. As a coalition, we demand action every day for clean air and water, better public health, and a stable climate. Today, we join those demanding justice for Jacob Blake, his family, and all of those who have suffered from police brutality. We invite you to join us. You can donate to the Milwaukee Freedom Fund to support Wisconsinites who are protesting police violence. You can donate to Jacob Blake‚Äôs Go Fund Me to help cover medical costs as he is now paralyzed from the waist down and will need ongoing medical care.

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